Take Two



In an ecstasy of tension

the conscious mind sends

A message through the arm

so that the finger bends

The hammer hits the cartridge

in a single motion

Throwing off the bullet

without any devotion

The bullet leaves the chamber

a lightening affair

Then races through the barrel

into the open air

A millisecond later

and breaking through with ease

The bullet finds the target

and puts the mind to peace


Surrounded by darkness

his own mind sends

A message to the heavens

to help him make amends

An angel sends forth lightning

that pierces as a ram

Defenses of the heart

breaking up the dam

Water gushes forward

submerging all the sad

Memories and actions

the pictures of his dad

Replenishing the ground

with wisdom from above

Compassion softly showering

forgiveness and love

In the memory of my father, Knut Aas, who committed suicide in 1977

Street Poetry from the Coach

Noon Day Demon



Without sound and without shape

Dressed in a transparent drape

Without ease and without rest

Looking for a place to nest


Silently it moves around

An unguarded corner found

Easing in behind the ear

As if it isn't really there


Waving with a magic wand

A journey to the never land

Flying low across the sea

That separates reality


Singularities are forming faint

Distortions in the silver paint

Of images that with the tide

Are coming from the other side

The Bear that could not Bear Himself



Lost below a sea of ice

The ice bear struggled for its life

Knowing well, that in this sea

He could end up eternally


A dolphin suddenly appeared

A guide away from all he feared

She led in front, he close behind

Soon, the hole he could not find


Up into the sparkling shine

He managed to escape in time

But as his own life were reviving

The dolphin now was slowly dying


Thankfulness soon turned to vice

Looking at her on the ice

Before a savior, now as meat

But could not bear himself to eat

Plane Goodbye



Jolted by a sudden shake

Half asleep and half awake

In the window of the plane

She thought she saw it all again

When they came out for the car

To take her off to land afar

His arm around her slender waist

Drew her closer in a haste

Touching softly, as a flower

Warmed by sun in early hour

Witnessed by the silver moon

Alas, her car came much too soon


What a joyous warm affection

On the plane, her own reflection

Going to her father's nation

To take part in celebration

Impossibly or Possibly



Impossibly or possibly

His mind is running wobbely

Around the possibilities

Of choices and futilities

Round and round again it goes

North and south and east it flows

Never takes moment rest

Now contemplating going west

But ending up in no-man's land

Yearning for a helping hand

Some support would be just fine

To sort out this unstable mind

That seems to have gone off its course

Running like a crazy horse

Perpetual Train



He senses the feeling of anticipation

as the train approaches the platform station

The sun shines brightly on azure blue sky

People are laughing and waving good bye


The magnificent scenery unfolds for all

A vista of beauty, for large and for small

The conductor, elegant, smiling and bows,

to the left and the right, as he moves down the rows


The train picks up speed, 'cause the journey is long

Now people are leaving, and no one gets on

At last there is nobody left in there

apart from the man alone in a chair


No longer pleasant, but making a haste

the landscape is turning to barren waste

Rain and then darkness cover the sight

Then suddenly lightening flares up the night


And in an instant, the final station

The end of the journey, that last salvation

A vertical mountain meeting the rails

Just before darkness again prevails


The engine red hot from overheating

At the moment the wall and the train is meeting

In a huge explosion where everything breaks

The debris is flying, the mountain shakes


Then suddenly stillness covers the land

A body is lying down in the sand

But in the morning regains animation

And slowly gets up to look for the station